More typographical dorkery

Perhaps this is a little too much Unicode for one day, but, well, that’s life.

John Gruber links to an amusing proposed typographical term, also available as a t-shirt. In plain text, it looks like this:

keming. (kěmˈ-ĭng).
n. The result of
improper kerning.

Now, you might assume that this is a shirt I’d love to wear — just think of how type-geeky it is! The only problem (and I realise this sounds utterly ridiculous) is that it isn’t actually type-geeky enough — the pronunciation guide doesn’t use IPA. (So not linguistics-geeky enough either, then.)

In my defence: how are you meant to pronounce it? I’d guess /ˈkiːmɪŋ/ from the spelling, but the pronunciation guide seems to suggest /ˈkɛmɪŋ/. Using an ad hoc, non-IPA transcription scheme makes it impossible to be certain.