How not to behave when you’re on the run

I’ve been watching some Prison Break lately. I don’t suppose I’m giving all that much away if I mention that season 2 follows the lives of some convicts after a, y’know, prison break.

One of the convicts in question is Our Hero, Michael Scofield, who we’re meant to believe is a genius. But I saw something the other day that gave me serious cause for concern on that issue.

In episode 2x09, Michael is walking through some botanical gardens. As he’s passing a small group of tourists, he makes a show of adjusting his baseball cap, apparently to make his face less visible:

Michael hides his face as he passes some tourists

A few seconds later, he passes a young woman, still turning away so as to conceal his features:

Michael passes a woman, with his face turned away

All well and good so far, but then what happens a moment later?

But then he turns to check her out

That’s right — he turns to check her out. Way to be inconspicuous, dude.