Album art in Rhythmbox

I’ve been using Rhythmbox for a while now. (Well, I had a brief sojourn in the land of Amarok, but I now seem to have left it for good.) Rhythmbox is actually pretty good; better in some usability ways than iTunes, for example. But it’s far from perfect.

One of the things about Rhythmbox I really don’t like is the fact that it doesn’t use album art embedded into MP3 files. I’ve spent quite a lot of effort making sure that as many of my files as possible have the correct album art. But Rhythmbox just ignores that, and always looks at the internet for your album art. (Well, it does cache album art in the local filesystem, but it always tries the internet if there’s no cached file.) That’s bad for several reasons:

  • Sometimes there’s no internet connection, but I want my album art anyway
  • Sometimes there is an internet connection, but it’s so slow as to be inadequate for this purpose (such as when I’m on a train)
  • Rhythmbox uses a web search to find album art; sometimes that search produces the wrong results

But today, I encountered an unexpected advantage to the way Rhythmbox does it. Random shuffle picked a track from the self-titled album by the Gorillaz. Rhythmbox picked the wrong album for downloaded cover art; not uncommon, but this time, the album it picked was Laika Come Home, a Gorillaz dub remix album.

Well, I couldn’t resist getting a copy. And, you know, it’s pretty good. I doubt I’d’ve heard of it without Rhythmbox’s annoying failure to do the right thing. Does that mean this is actually a miswart in Rhythmbox?