I can haz new fayvrit website?

I’ve been a fan of I Can Has Cheezburger? for a while, and I tend to find that the pictures I like most are the ones with cats doing, you know, cat things — sod the captions.

So, now that I’ve found Cute Overload, well, this seems likely to be my new favourite website.

How about a few samples? Oh, go on then.

Kitten on arm of sofa, stretching out for a nap
Mmmm, sleeeeepy. (Video)
Orange kitten standing on lawn with a baleful expression, looking directly into camera
But if you do that, God might kill me!
Cats fighting
“You’ll never get my tower seat. Never!” (Video)
Kitten sitting in a woman’s shirt
Well, it does look like a very comfortable place to sit…
Cats playing on a moving treadmill
Exercise is very important, you know. (Video)

I think this is the one I like best:

Orange kitten playfully gnawing on the snout of another kitten, who (astonishingly enough) seems to be enjoying it
That’s a whole lot of nom.

I suppose I ought to be embarrassed at how many of these pictures make me squee like a little girl. Ach, well.