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Doors Open

Yesterday was the 2008 Doors Open Day in Edinburgh: each year, for one day only, a variety of buildings open their doors to visitors, free of charge. A large number are places that you’d never normally get the chance to visit.



Today is the Jewish festival of Purim. One of the customs associated with Purim is the eating of hamentashen — triangular pastries with a sweet filling. (The word is probably Yiddish for “Haman’s pockets”, where Haman is the bad guy in the events commemorated by the festival; in Hebrew they’re called אוזני המן oznei haman, or “Haman’s ears”.)


Freecycle and reputation

Freecycle is a pretty good idea. Lots of people have stuff they no longer need; lots of people need stuff they don’t currently have. If those people could get together in local geographical communities, so that the first group can give stuff away to the second group, then more stuff will get reused rather than being filed away in landfill for a few centuries.

But the implementation of Freecycle is, shall we say, somewhat suboptimal.


An egregiously-broken website

I have a ticket to the William Gibson event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. However, I can’t make it: I’m going to be at YAPC::Europe instead. So, I’m shopping the ticket round some friends. I’d like to point them to the URL of the event. So, I go to the festival website — hey, that’s nice, it’s the first Google hit for the term book festival. Click on What’s on. Select the date of the show. Search within page to find Gibson. Click on the More information link. Go to copy URL into clipbo— just a minute, the page URL shows absolutely nothing of value. The thing I clicked on must have been a POST form.