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Showing your Git branch in your shell prompt

One of the great things about Git is that it makes branching and merging so simple as to be a delight, not a chore. One of the consequences of that is that you tend to use far more branches than you would if you were using a lesser revision-control system. Which can make it easy to forget which branch you’re on at any given moment. So wouldn’t it be nice if you had a simple, easy-to-see reminder of where you are, visible at all times?


Speeding up SSH logins

SSH is great; it’s highly secure, and actually easier to use than insecure alternatives like rsh or Telnet. In fact, it’s so easy to integrate SSH with everything else you do that it’s commonplace to rely on it for all sorts of things. But oddly, that very ubiquity tends to reveal an unexpected problem when you try to use SSH for, say, accessing a revision-control system: merely connecting to the remote end and performing the handshaking necessary to set up the encrypted channel takes an appreciable amount of time.

So herewith instructions on how to eliminate that overhead.