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All Tomorrow’s Parties

Last weekend, I was at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Minehead. It’s unusual as music festivals go: it’s held in a holiday camp, which is great for those who, like me, find that the pleasures of actual tent-in-a-field camping are no match for those of beds and indoor plumbing.



What do you do when you’ve got a large collection of chillies in the house? Well, if you’re us, you make harissa.


Doors Open

Yesterday was the 2008 Doors Open Day in Edinburgh: each year, for one day only, a variety of buildings open their doors to visitors, free of charge. A large number are places that you’d never normally get the chance to visit.



Today is the Jewish festival of Purim. One of the customs associated with Purim is the eating of hamentashen — triangular pastries with a sweet filling. (The word is probably Yiddish for “Haman’s pockets”, where Haman is the bad guy in the events commemorated by the festival; in Hebrew they’re called אוזני המן oznei haman, or “Haman’s ears”.)


How not to behave when you’re on the run

I’ve been watching some Prison Break lately. I don’t suppose I’m giving all that much away if I mention that season 2 follows the lives of some convicts after a, y’know, prison break.

One of the convicts in question is Our Hero, Michael Scofield, who we’re meant to believe is a genius. But I saw something the other day that gave me serious cause for concern on that issue.